creating works on chains, hammock, and the ground

offering coaching, choreography, and speaking

What are queer stories?

Queer as a disruption

Disrupting, rupturing the notions of gender, of body, of sexuality, of reality and our relationships with these things.
Intersecting queer stories with aerial art

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Alec (he/they) is an artist activist that intersects queer stories with aerial art. His work engages with concepts of liminal interrogation - looking not for more answers, but rather for more questions. As a genderqueer trans person, their art contemplates queer relationships to the corporeal form and the social forms projected upon it. His writing and speaking seeks to archive the process of uncovering the personal intersections of gender, body, and reality.


Choreography feels most at home for Alec on looped apparatuses, and his performance has been historically rooted in community. Their aerial exploration began in 2013, and transformed through student, teacher, and performer lenses. For four years, he was a soloist and ensemble member of Suspended Artistry, entertaining Orlando audiences at community events such as Creative City Project’s Immerse. During this time of discovery, Alec would showcase creative works on aerial hammock to the public, while quietly exploring the possibilities of aerial chains, his latest storytelling apparatus. 


Chains are an excellent vehicle for Alec’s current examination of body sovereignty in circus as a trans individual. They’re known for funky and fierce shapes in the air, and their work has been described as “wonderfully painful to watch,”  and "breathtakingly, hauntingly beautiful." An insufferable goofball, Alec tempers the seriousness of his work with the delightment of life. The mountains surrounding his Los Angeles home are as much a favorite restorative place as in the air, and he knows the coveted location of the best cold brew in town.

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